About Us

The name 'Altru' is derived from the concept of 'altruism,' symbolizing concern for the welfare of others. It was born from the belief that every individual deserves care, respect, and support, especially in their later years. Our story began with a deep concern and a desire to create a unique place where each resident would feel truly special.




Our main goal is to provide comprehensive care and emotional support for the elderly. Together we create a place where the comfort of each client comes first. Our team of skilled caregivers ensures that each day is filled with activity, joy and positive experiences.





New friendships and a true family atmosphere

Activities, friendship and joy at every turn. We are waiting for you with open arms


Look to the future with optimism

Security,care and warm relationships await you here. Every day is a new chance to achieve joy and fulfillment.


Thrive at any time of day

Choose occupational therapies tailored to your tastes and needs. Together, we'll build the harmony of your day


Comprehensive Health Monitoring Our telemedicine wristbands continuously track your vital signs, providing detailed health insights. We offer innovative solutions for your comfort













5cc693ef.jpgThe project entitled "Increasing the competitiveness of SOURCETECH Bohdan Drzymała through the development and marketing of an innovative service based on technology, improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups, especially the elderly" implemented under the program "Enterprise Development and Innovation" co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, 2014 -2021.

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